Is Your Wellness Plan Failing You?

If you’ve been working hard to choose healthy so you can look and feel great, but it’s not happening -

Here is most likely why:

  • Your eating habits are slowing down your metabolism;
  • You're not leveraging your body's natural needs to conquer your cravings;
  • Your wellness plan has become an added chore to your already busy life.

The result: you fail.

Because you're working against your physiology and relying on self-control and will-power, your lifestyle goals just don't happen.

Let's Fix That!

Let Stella help you uncover what's sabotaging your intentions and

set up a personalized plan that DOES work.

Feel naturally energized, have that healthy glow, and hit your weight goals

- without giving up the foods you love!

In 2 short weeks, Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Stella Loichot, will help you determine why your healthy intentions are not sustaining, how your eating habits are impacting your wellness goals...

AND create a customized plan for you to finally succeed!

You Deserve Wellness Without Sacrifice!

Sign up for Stella’s 2-Week Food-Lover’s Nutrition & Lifestyle Audit for Wellness.

only $345

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What's All Included?

  1. Holistic Wellness Assessment: We identify your goals, your strengths and previous successes, but also the genuine challenges your lifestyle presents.
  2. Interactive Nutrition & Lifestyle Analysis: We do a deep dive into your daily routines and eating habits for 7 full days.
  3. Two 1-hour private Coaching Sessions: We review your data and create a wellness plan that is tailored to your needs and preferences.

Establish a healthy plan that works for YOU

- without starvation or grueling workout routines.

Say "YES" to being healthy and feeling great!

Register for Stella’s 2-Week Food-Lover’s Nutrition & Lifestyle Audit for Wellness.


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Is the Nutrition & Lifestyle Audit for Wellness for YOU?

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Get a clear understanding of what nutritional and physiological needs your body is missing that are causing any negative eating habits and lack of energy.

Chest Board for strategy


A Personalized Game Plan

Create a tailored action plan with a National Board-Certified Health Coach, and receive clear directions that support your wellness and respect the genuine challenges your lifestyle presents. 

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Small Manageable Steps

With Stella's compassionate guidance, discover how to make small manageable changes in your existing daily habits that result in your body naturally wanting healthier foods and activities.

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Wellness from the Inside

Wellness isn’t a number on a scale.  Wellness isn’t a waist-size. Establish a healthy lifestyle that promotes wellbeing, natural energy, and a healthier body without relying solely on self-control and willpower.

“Healthy can still include your love-affair with foods!”

headshot of Stella Loichot in her yard
Stella Loichot

Stella’s huge success in supporting health-conscious people to hit their wellness goals stems from her French approach to nutrition, eating, and blending the two into a healthier lifestyle.

With years of experience as a board-certified health and wellness coach, she is passionate about designing customized, real-life plans that empower food-lovers to maintain their blood sugar levels naturally so they can kick unhealthy food cravings, reach their optimal weight, and fully enjoy an active and energized life without giving up the foods they love. With her holistic approach, wellness plans are no longer a losing battle.

Stella’s command of nutrition and physiology, plus the ability to support people gain new relationships with food, makes her personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle Audit for Wellness the quick and direct solution to demystifying often years of frustrations and failures her clients had previously been facing. 

“I love seeing people loving life and feeling great!  Allon-Z! Let's Go!"


Stella opened my eyes to eating properly for my body- mornings are most important for me- even though I was eating breakfast, I could do so much better nutritionally. Thank you Stella- the journey begins with knowledge.

Colleen C. 

/ Seattle, WA, USA


When I signed up, I wondered if I would really get anything new than what I have had before from reading on nutrition topics. Stella helped me finally take a different slant on the same old problems. 

June S.

/ Seattle, WA, USA


I have been working with Stella only a short time, a few weeks, but already I feel so much transformation within me. She has a very generous, deeply caring nature and she is well organized and it’s a pleasure to be working with her.

Shalini C.

/ Melbourne, Australia

“In France, we eat freely with no guilt.  Our bodies guide us naturally towards healthy choices that support wellness, but we love delicious foods - and my approach gives you that same freedom!”

Say "YES" to being healthy and feeling great!

Get registered for Your Nutrition and Lifestyle Audit for Wellness

With Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Stella Loichot


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What to expect? 

After you sign up, I will email you a link to schedule your first coaching session. During this first Zoom session, we will perform my thorough Holistic Wellness Assessment and set up your 7-day Interactive Nutrition & Lifestyle Analysis.

After the 7-day analysis, we will have our second 1-hour coaching session to go over the results and create a clear game plan for you to achieve optimal nutrition and wellbeing for your body, which includes eating foods you love, without the guilt.

You will leave that second session feeling empowered, with action steps you can take right away!


Stella will take the time to really investigate what works for YOU, rather than just plug you into a one-size-fits all wellness plan.

You will get clear directions and suggestions from an expert, without judgment or blame, so that you can feel safe enough to truly look at what’s keeping you from feeling great and energized again.

You will finally have a plan of action to help you achieve and maintain more energy, better sleep, reduced cravings, and optimal weight without giving up all the good things in life! 

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