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It is very important for me to raise awareness around easy and sustainable ways to establish a healthier life without deprivation. In order to make sound and informed wellness education affordable to everyone, I regularly offer classes and workshops in the community and online.

Here is what's on the menu for the coming months! If you can't find something that works for you or if registration date has passed, please reach out to me using this contact form.

Virtual Classes & Workshops 

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loaf of French bread with one slice

easy & healthy French bread

Live Class over Zoom

Let's demystify bread making! No bread-maker needed, no baking skills required! You won't even have to knead the dough! It’s simple, yummy, healthy, and cheap!!!

2020 FAvicon Allons-y Coaching

Realistic Healthy Eating Habits

FREE - Eating for a healthy body can be simple once you gain a few tips and strategies.

2020 FAvicon Allons-y Coaching

Lifestyle Changes to Help Avoid Diabetes

FREE - Navigate real-life situations and make changes to help avoid Type 2 Diabetes.

2020 FAvicon Allons-y Coaching

Hidden Powers of Sleep

FREE - Learn real-life strategies to optimize your sleep for a healthier body and weight.

2020 FAvicon Allons-y Coaching

Easy Healthy Weeknight Meals

FREE - Tips and recipes to feed your family a meal you can feel good about on busy nights. 

2020 FAvicon Allons-y Coaching

Combat Sugar Cravings

FREE - Creative tips that really work to control your sugar cravings in a sustainable way.

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Wellness Tips for Busy Adults

FREE - How do you take care of yourselves when every minute of your day seems to be accounted for already?

What Previous Class Participants Say


Stella's class is based on scientific research, educates and empowers. She talks to you in words and images and creates an atmosphere for a personal exchange.  I have since implemented her recommendations.

Christine S. 


Stella is a multi-talented coach. From her personal coaching to her small group classes, she's a wealth of support for learning to eat in the best way for your health while still enjoying what you eat.

Holli M.


What’s Stella’s secret sauce? It may be a blend of science-based easy explanations, non-judgmental and compassionate perspectives, gentle humor, and a passion for self-discovery and action.

Jill A.

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