Easy & Healthy French Bread Baking Class

Celebrate Your Love-Affair with Bread!

Learn how to bake bread 

That supports your wellness...

No bread-maker, no cooking skills, no kneading required!

loaf of French bread with one slice

Make a delicious loaf of rustic French bread with only 4 inexpensive ingredients and less than 15 minutes of prep work.

Even when struggling with weight or blood sugar, bread is not the enemy... 

... as long as you know how to make it so that it doesn't wreak havoc on your metabolism.

Learn Stella's secret to fabulous French bread and discover how the French can enjoy bread AND stay trim.


Join French Health & Wellness Coach, Stella Loichot in this 

fun, interactive Virtual Bread Making Class

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I believe in easy, healthy, and tasty foods

My family, just like most other French families, loves bread. It is part of every meal. As a mom, it is critical for me that the bread my loved ones eat be healthy for them. But also, as someone who needs to keep an eye on my blood sugar, it is very important to me that bread doesn't mess up my glucose levels.

With this fool-proof recipe that I have been tweaking for years in order to make it as simple as possible, you will be able to make all kinds of healthy and fancy breads: sweet, savory, whole grain, and even lower in gluten!

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Meet Your Instructor:

Health Coach Stella Loichot in Paris

Stella Loichot

Health & WELLNESS Coach, NBC-HWC

Hi! I am a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, specializing in Weight Management and Diabetes Prevention Coaching. Originally from France, I moved to the US as an adult in 2000. After creating over 700 recipes while working for 9 years at Allrecipes.com, my mission is now to share the  French philosophy towards foods to help people eat healthier without spending hours in their kitchen and without giving up the foods they love. In my house, daily homemade bread is a given despite the fact that I am, just like you, very busy. Plus, honestly, I don't really enjoy spending time in the kitchen, unless it is to eat and chat with loved ones! Today, I am thrilled to demystify bread-making by sharing my cherished Easy Rustic Bread Making technique with you.

What Previous Participants Say:

Google Review for Stella Loichot's Bread Class from Sajay
5-star rating from Catherine Platypus
5-Star rating from Renee Walden
Review Google for Stella's Bread Class from Maria Czop

Ask about a Private Class for your Group!

Do You Feel...

  • Making bread is tricky and intimidating?
  • You don’t have time to make bread?
  • You love bread but can’t eat it because it’s not “healthy”?
  • You’re trying to lower blood sugar, so you can’t eat bread?


You can have it all!

Join Stella Loichot and learn the French secrets to making healthy, easy bread.

You can even invite your friends and have a bread-making party!

No Baking Skills Required - Let's meet where you're at!

Selection of various bread types

Wide Variety of Loaves

No bread maker. No fancy equipment. No baking skills.

If you have a baking sheet, a salad bowl, and a spatula or wooden spoon, you are pretty much all covered!

You will receive the complete list of ingredients and supplies at least a week ahead of the class.

More From Previous Bread Class Bakers:

  • Stella’s “Rustic Bread" class was so much fun! Delicious, easy, yummy recipes; I haven’t been a bread eater for years (ingredients lists way too complicated for my taste), but her 4 ingredient bread is one I’ll use regularly and often. Thanks! ~ Laurel S.
  • Stella is a good demystifier of cooking, and a nice person to be around. I wouldn't change anything! ~ Austin W.
  • Bread has had such a bad rap, but with Stella's insight, she changed my mind and got rid of the guilt. It's easy, delicious and fun to make. And good for the soul. ~ Molly W.
  • I never knew bread making was so easy. I was always intimidated. Stella is a wonderful teacher. Very pleased. ~ Carol S.
  • A great simple way to make homemade bread. The instructor was delightful and knowledgeable. Will definitely sign up for additional classes that Stella teaches. Thank you Stella! ~ Angelina J.
  • I had never tried to make bread before. This class showed me how easy it can be and was a great class. ~ Karl P.

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Join Stella and be successful at making deliciously healthy bread every single time, without spending more than 15 minutes on it (washing dishes included!)


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