Sleep It Off

A Revolutionary Guide to Losing Weight, Beating Diabetes, and Feeling Your Best Through Optimal Rest


Finally! The secret to getting a good night’s sleep!

A few years ago, author, speaker, and certified health/wellness coach Stella Loichot was counting calories, working out 13 hours a week and competing in triathlons - all while juggling school, a career, and three children. Starving herself, yet gaining weight while constantly wrestling with sleep disorders, she had no idea what she was doing wrong.
When typical advice failed to do the trick, Loichot had to rethink the very concept of a good night's rest. Through her own experience, research, and by tapping into her French background, she uncovered the secrets to deep and restorative sleep. She also discovered that one can improve their sleep to lose weight and reduce their risk of getting diabetes.

With this motivational self-help guide, she takes you along the same personal transformation journey, in a lot less time.

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In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Fix your sleep, beat insomnia, and improve sleep apnea for good without wasting time and money on "solutions" that don't last (Hint: Melatonin is not a miracle pill!);
  • Wake up refreshed and motivated every day;
  • Optimize your sleep to boost metabolism, lose weight, and improve performance;
  • Reduce the risk for chronic health conditions, diseases, and physical ailments such as Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimer's, and heart disease;
  • And most importantly, get out of survival mode to finally thrive and enjoy life’s pleasures.

Editorial Reviews

What a great book! Captivating all along! It provides really helpful tips on how to change your sleeping habits for better health and I loved the balance between scientific information and personal stories. I found it especially fascinating to read about the impact of hormones and food intake on our sleep. It is a very inspiring guide from an author who really knows what it is to struggle with sleep. I already know whom I am going to gift this book to!” ~ Renee C LeBoeuf, PhD, Emeritus Research Professor of Medicine, University of Washington

I've read a lot of sleep books! This one is different and helpful in a way that others aren't! Stella Loichot takes you through a complete, science-backed process to understand your own sleep situation and create better habits. It will support you in getting a great night's rest EVERY night, not just an occasional anomaly...” ~ Jill Avey, CEO Performance and Leadership Coach

"This book is so rich! It is a well of information and inspiration. This guide really delivers on its promise. It is motivational and highly educative, but Ms Loichot keeps it entertaining with great humor and a balance of personal experiences, science, and practical applications. I was drawn in from the start and I believe everyone can find themselves in these pages. A superb way to improve our health!!" ~ Christine Suter, former Licensed Mental Health Counselor

“If you have been struggling with sleep for any reason, this book is for you! Ms. Loichot covers everything from the causes of sleeplessness, the health implications of not getting enough sleep, and practical solutions that you can start using right away. She effortlessly blends scientific information with anecdotal stories to educate and inspire us to do something about our sleepless nights. Sweet dreams!” Elise Kloter, Licensed Massage Therapist

"What’s Stella Loichot’s secret sauce? It may be a blend of science-based easy explanations, non-judgmental and compassionate perspectives, gentle humor, and a passion for self-discovery and action. Hers are not just words – she walks the talk! We get a glimpse of her personal struggle with sleeping well and the creativity in her approach to finding a solution. And she helps us realize that having a good night’s sleep is not only important but is also within everybody’s reach, even if getting there may be outside our comfort zone." ~ Osnat Lustig, International Coaching Federation (ICF) Satellite Leader

"Stella is the best!! She knows how to educate you in a way that really inspires you to make a change for the better. I appreciate her down-to-earth and sustainable approach. A must-read health book for anyone who wants to improve their wellness and reach their body's full potential!!" ~ Candice Rose, Corrective Exercise Specialist

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About the author

Health Coach Stella Loichot in Paris

Born and raised in France, Stella Loichot discovered the power of healthy living long before moving to Seattle, where she thrives today with her husband and three daughters. Certified by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC)  and trained in myriad modalities such as Behavioral Change, Motivational Interviewing, Weight Management and Diabetes Prevention Coaching, and Small Group Facilitation, she helps clients all over the world improve their personal health, reach their weight loss goals without dieting, reverse prediabetes naturally, and become stress management masters.

To learn more about her holistic approach to health, fitness, and happiness and to discuss coaching, speaking, and corporate wellness opportunities, please contact Stella directly.



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The 100 Common Sleep Killers Checklist is a fantastic shortcut that can help you identify the habits and circumstances keeping you from sleeping well and from feeling rested in the morning.

A detailed list of 100 adverse situations and harmful behaviors that keep millions of people wide awake at night, many of them, you might never have thought of...


When it comes to sleeping well, proper nutrition is key!

Your 7-Day Sample Meal Plan for Better Sleep is a fresh and colorful program packed with plant-based nutrients that help energize the body and support the mind in fighting against insomnia and stress, so that you can sleep better.

When it comes to eating well, proper planning is key!

Your 7-Day Sample Meal Plan for Better Sleep comes together with a Recipe Booklet, detailed Shopping List and a day-by-day Preparation Guide.

Discover the power of healthy eating and start sleeping better!

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The essential reader's companion is waiting for you! It includes all the worksheets mentioned in "Sleep It Off", and makes it incredibly easy for you to find inspiration and come up with solutions.

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Could YOU Sleep Better?

Many adults don't realize that they are sleep-deprived, because they have settled for subpar health and have long forgotten what it feels like to be truly rested and full of energy.

What about you?

If you have been struggling with weight gain, sugar cravings, or high blood sugar, sleep might be the missing link.


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"I strongly recommend SLEEP IT OFF to anyone who struggles with sleep, especially if you feel like there are no solutions!”

Science as well as heart

"Lifestyle change can be daunting. To find a coach who brings science as well as heart to the process is a gift. Stella Loichot is one such coach."


"I have devoured SLEEP IT OFF. This is incredible! I have a feeling this book is going to be life-changing for all who read it."


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