My Story

For many years, I was in a constant battle with myself, trying to break out of the yoyo dieting and emotional eating. Grief had sent me into depression and binge-eating - especially sweets - I could not say “no” to pastries!  I gained 50 lbs within 6 months!  

Starving myself all day and binge eating at night

And to try to fix that, I was starving myself all day but then caved into binge eating at night, sneaking food, obsessed about the next meal, and feeling ashamed of myself. 

I had gone from happy and social to isolated and withdrawn - feeling completely hopeless.

Then late one night, as I sat staring at an empty bag of croissants, and empty jar of Nutella, I said “enough!” I knew I had to stop this pattern.

I leaned into my problem-solving skills and created a system that gave me back my health and self-respect.  I started taking baby steps towards a lifestyle that would promote a healthy body and just as importantly, happiness.  And because I did love food, my happiness plan had to include eating foodsI loved!

I stopped depriving myself and abusing my body

The first step was to stop depriving myself and stop abusing my body.   Gradually I started feeling more and more self-confident and enjoying life again. 

Full Story in my book SLEEP IT OFF!

A Revolutionary Guide to Losing Weight, Beating Diabetes, And Feeling Your Best Through Optimal Rest

It took me 10 years to create a do-able system that was reliable and effective, but also adaptable to life-events, such as getting married, moving from France to the US, having babies, wacky hormones and slowing metabolism due to aging. Most recently I put my system to an even bigger test when I was diagnosed with a rare genetic glycemic syndrome. I’ve been able to naturally keep my blood sugar balance in check and avoid passing out without any notice.

The system I came up with got me to a happy and healthy body, where the only things I’ve gained are self-confidence, energy, and inner peace.

The lost pounds haven't returned.

About 2 decades ago, a bigger picture and purpose began unfolding when I discovered the power of coaching.  I got the opportunity to help divorced and widowed women develop the skills and self-confidence needed to reach financial independence. Through this work, I discovered how transformational it is to guide people and encourage them to tap into their own resources rather than telling them what to do and be done. 

From then on, my mission has been to always empower the people I work and live with, so that they can elevate themselves and elevate all of us as a result. Helping others be proud of who they are and what they do gives me a huge boost of endorphins 🙂

My path was unfolding as I recognized what brought me the most joy, but it’s not until I worked for the cooking website that the final stepping stone appeared.  My role was to create recipes and provide advice to help home cooks prepare delicious foods with little time, and no cooking skills. 

I realized the distress that so many people were facing in their efforts to make yummy comforting meals that the whole family would enjoy while also trying to establish healthy eating habits to support their wellness goals. And it hurt my heart to witness their distress. It took me back in time when I, too, felt that food was the enemy and that my problem was self-control.  It didn’t have to be that way for them! I could help them stop their battle with food.

I knew I could help others stop their battle with food.

That’s when it all came together - my life struggles and discoveries led me to my true passion and purpose: becoming a health and wellness coach to food lovers.  

I became voracious about gaining expertise - acquiring 3 coaching certifications, and 4 specialties within health, wellness, behavioral change, and coaching, so that I could confidently fulfill my life purpose:  empower health-conscious food-lovers, who are tired of struggling with weight issues and dieting, to use their body’s natural strengths to achieve optimal weight, health and vitality, while enjoying guilt-free eating.

A combo of science and the French mindset

My methodology is called Allon-Z!

It combines nutrition science and physiology with the French mindset towards food and lifestyle  - because I’m French, of course! 

Incorporating the same approach I used to turn my life around, my clients are able to naturally kick their food cravings, achieve their optimal weight, feel energized, and sustain a healthy body that allows them to fully enjoy life - without giving up the foods they love!

And because my approach naturally produces a healthy blood-sugar balance, it's also extremely effective for people who have Prediabetes or early Type 2 Diabetes.

So if you’re ready to stop abusing your body and feeling shame, then Allon-Z!  Let’s go!  I have no doubt you have everything it takes to tap into your body's natural abilities to achieve its optimal weight and  health while still eating foods you love! All you need is the right guidance and support!

Health is not just about eating healthy food

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Professional Food Addiction Coach - PFAC - NBHWC approved course

National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach - NBC-HWC

Diabetes Prevention Coaching Specialist - American Council on Exercise (ACE)

Weight Management Specialist - ACE

Certified Health Coach - ACE - Licence #722085

Behavioral Change Coaching Specialist - ACE

Mental Health First Aid - National Council for Mental Wellbeing

Sports Nutrition and Performance - Washington State University

Life Coach - ACC - International Coach Federation (ICF)

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Stella was my nutrition coach for the first half of 2020, and I was pleased with the results. She is thoughtful, creative, and particularly well educated in nutrition.

Despite my abnormal travel schedule, she provided tactics and strategies that fit my lifestyle and were realistic to implement.

Danny D.

west seattle, wa

Bénédicte: another busy and successful business woman, whose life was transformed by Stella's approach and care

Stella demonstrates a remarkable capacity for empathy. She is very intuitive to the needs of people and always has a positive outlook on things.

She was really key in helping me reach several personal milestones.

Benedicte C.


Photo of client Tricia for testimonial about Stella health coach

Working with Stella has given me tools that help me tackle obstacles in a new productive way, rooted in confidence. Our conversations leave me feeling emboldened and grounded… ready for all the world has to throw my way. She is a great coach for anyone who needs help in realizing how magnificent they really are!

Tricia D.


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