Diabetes Prevention Coaching


Until further notice, all consultations take place virtually from the comfort of your home. If you want to meet in person, I am happy to distance-walk along Alki Beach.

Many of my clients come to me after their medical provider has diagnosed them with PreDiabetes and has recommended that they lose weight, establish healthier eating habits, and be more physically active in order to avoid the onset and tragic consequences of full-blown type 2 diabetes. Easier said than done! How do you do that when you love food and are constantly on the go? How do you do that when you have tried everything, but nothing seems to work? 

 Lifestyle changes can be daunting

Chances are you have tried to eat healthy, but cravings, emotional eating, a crazy schedule, or picky eaters at home got in your way. You have tried many times to lose weight but the pounds always creep back up. You most likely signed up at the gym but can't seem to find the time to workout and classes feel like torture. Let me tell you, I know how it feels!

We often have a pretty good idea of what we need to do, but that doesn't always translate into us doing it. Plus, the information out there is so confusing, misleading, and often dead wrong! You wonder where you should start and if it is really worth it since diabetes runs in your family?

Yes, prediabetes is reversible!

There are 2 ways to look at a prediabetes diagnosis.

You can see it as the last stage before diabetes, get scared, depressed, and feel powerless. This is NOT the way I look at it!

Or you can see it as a chance to finally make necessary lifestyle changes and enjoy the incredible benefits that come with healthier habits: more energy, less pain, less stress, better sleep... and a much healthier relationship to food, which almost all the time leads to weight loss. Those "by-products" of lifestyle changes are just a few examples. There are many more! The most important in my opinion is a sense of empowerment and the freedom that comes from not feeling like a slave to food anymore.

The thing is, 80% of Type 2 Diabetes could be prevented with lifestyle changes. But that's not all! 80% of cardiovascular disease, including heart disease and stroke, and 40% of cancer could also be avoided if we were to eliminate risk factors such as poor eating habits or lack of physical activity. So when you embark on a journey toward healthy blood sugar levels, you don't just aim at improving glucose tolerance and controlling insulin resistance. You are doing much more for your health and will usually see your blood pressure go down, your cholesterol improve, you back and knee pain disappear... and the list goes on.

Get the support you need to succeed

Where to start? What to do? And how to make your journey enjoyable and sustainable? This is where I can help!

Using evidence-based strategies, I will help you design an effective action plan that takes your individual needs and preferences into consideration. I will provide actionable tips and information to help you make healthful nutrition choices without counting calories, macros, or giving up the foods you love. We will also focus our attention on physical activity, stress management, sleep, and make sure that you find a balance in your new lifestyle, so that living healthily becomes second nature and fun rather than a chore. 

Head shot Bill Cofer

I changed my diet and blame it on Stella! I am eating healthier and slowly losing weight, down from 183 to 175 lbs.

My blood sugar went from 12.2 to 8.2. My last 2-month reading was below 150. I haven't had a reading that low since I can remember. My migraines also magically went away!

Bill C.


Tara: one of Stella Loichot's happy clients, whose life was changed by the French Approach to health and weight loss

Stella helped me establish a framework for myself that I could use to make the healthiest decisions regarding food while still allowing me the indulgences that I craved.

It took me a little while to put "everything in moderation" into practice effectively, but with her help it finally sunk in.

Tara C.


Ray's bike and helmet

I worked with Stella for 3 months. I clearly got way more out of it than I expected! Not only did I shed some weight, but I also learned how to eat healthier and how to drastically reduce cravings so that I could lose even more weight on my own and keep it off. i got a lifetime of knowledge in only a few short months. And I know that knowledge will stay with me forever!

Ray W.


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