Not Sure What YOU Need to Succeed?

If you are serious about making healthy changes in your lifestyle but don't know where to start to finally succeed, don't worry, I understand! Let's review your goals, needs, and challenges over the phone and we will figure out what the best path forward might be for you. No charge, no strings attached!

Services for Individuals


Work one-on-one with Stella from the comfort of your own home, and receive the guidance, support, and accountability you need in order to finally reach your wellness goals and sustain your great results.

"Stella truly listens and offers sound ways to improve relationship with food. Her holistic and practical approach has helped me become more mindful and centered. Even during this pandemic, I am not craving and seeking comfort food — even when ”indulging.” I’ve become much more in tune when my body tells me I’m satisfied. I am losing weight slowly. So amazing that Stella has helped me become a happier person as a result of improving my health. Thank you beyond words??" ~ Arlene S.


It is very important for Stella to raise awareness around easy and sustainable ways to establish a healthier life without deprivation.

In order to make sound and informed wellness education affordable to everyone, she regularly offers classes and workshops in the community and online.

Many of these classes are FREE, but registration is always required. 


From a 10-Day Detox and Body Reset to a 20-minute course on the Optimal Ratio of Macros for Wellness, Stella's popular on-demand courses are 100% online. From the comfort of your home and on your own schedule, they will help you overcome obstacles that have been keeping you stuck for years. There is even a course that teaches you how to Optimize Your Sleep for a Stronger, Leaner, and Healthier Body.


Do you have a loved one who is struggling with health or weight issues? Don't let them fight on their own... Give them the gift of wellness with an Individual Health Coaching gift certificate!

Or maybe you have friends who love bread but feel that they should stay away from it because it's "bad" for them... Offer them a fun virtual workshop where they will learn, from their own kitchen, how to make Healthy & Easy French Bread!

Don't put your health on the back burner anymore. It's too important. YOU are too important!