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Until further notice, all consultations take place virtually from the comfort of your home. If you want to meet in person, I am happy to distance-walk along Alki Beach.

Weight loss is often required when working toward healthier blood sugar levels. Now, if you want to lose weight quickly with a diet you can “power through” until you hit your goal, my French approach won't be a good fit. But if you want lasting results and a pleasurable life while reaching your goals and making deep changes in your lifestyle, you’re in the right place.

When I say, “lasting results”, I’m not talking a few months or even a few years. I mean for the rest of your life.

We have one life. Why suffer through it?

Diabetes prevalence in France is not even half that of the United States, and France is actually one of the countries with the lowest diabetes rates in the world. But, if you’ve ever been to France or to a French bakery, you know we love our baguettes, cheeses, and pastries. The secret to eating well and maintaining a healthy weight isn’t in the French food itself. It’s in the way the French view food, but also in a way of life that naturally leads to a healthy lifestyle.

It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle!

Every client and every path will be different—but if you want to reach and/or maintain a healthy weight, here are some things we can explore together:

  1. Build awareness around what nourishes your body and your mind;
  2. Plan ahead so that you can enjoy healthy and delicious meals without all the work;
  3. Work more whole foods and more plants into your diet;
  4. Adjust your eating choices both for health AND for pleasure;
  5. Optimize your sleep for fat burning, muscle building, and appetite regulation;
  6. Build physical activity into your daily life to help you control your blood sugar and keep the weight off;
  7. Manage stress in a way that speeds up your metabolism.

The most common push-back I get up front is: “This sounds very nice, but I have no time for all this!” That’s why my focus is on finding simple ways to live a healthier life that really suits you, your needs, and your preferences. If you don't like to cook, why would you learn to prepare gourmet meals? We won't do that! If you don't like the gym, why would you get a membership? You don't need one! Disclaimer: I don't go to the gym!

Get your life back!

I provide personalized support that fits perfectly into your busy schedule. As your guide, coach, and accountability partner, I am with you every step of the way. In person sometimes, by phone other times, but mostly through video calls and emails, I truly listen and never judge, so that you can focus on yourself and get the best results as you move along your health journey. 

Head shot Danelle Tiberi

Stella is AMAZING! She is so encouraging and helpful with real down to earth advise!

She personally has helped me lose a tone of weight and been super supportive getting back on track with real lifestyle changes!

Thank you, Stella, for everything!

Dannelle T.

seattle, wa

Michael: one of Stella Loichot's happy clients, whose life was changed by the French Approach to health and weight loss

Stella is warm, but at the same time, very much down to earth, and she does not waste time with B.S.

We only worked together for a few weeks, but it was enough for me to completely change my eating habits. I feel less hungry, and that makes a big difference in the way my day goes by!

Michael H.


Head shot Liba Zoli

Stella helped me so much!  Under her guidance I went from feeling despair and resignation to being hopeful and excited about my future. I gained confidence, lost weight, learned to curb my cravings for sweets/snacks and discovered power of "tiny habits". I can't recommend Stella highly enough!

Liba Z.


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