Do They Know You Care?

Show your employees how much you truly care for them as people. Let's have a chat and see how you can bring health and wellness to your teams without breaking the bank.

More than 60% of employees seek support from their employers to improve their health. They want personalized well-being programs that fit their unique needs and preferences.

Services for Organizations

fun virtual MORALE EVENTs

Follow the lead of giants like Microsoft and treat your own employees with a convivial and lively Virtual Bread Making Workshop.

Investment: $490 for up to 10 participants. $29 per additional person.

"My team had a virtual event with Stella and it was wonderful!" Sajay A. 
"We did this with a group of coworkers as a virtual team moral event and it was GREAT!" Genevieve Q.
"I’m so grateful for my new skills from this workshop!" Amber P.

lunch & Learn workshops

Practical and interactive 60 to 90-minute workshops support your employees in establishing the healthy habits and unique balanced lifestyle they need to succeed at work, at home, and in life. Most popular topics include:

  • Realistic Healthy Eating Habits
  • Lifestyle Changes to Help Avoid Diabetes
  • Optimize Sleep for Netter Health
  • Combat Sugar Cravings
  • Easy Weeknight Meals for All
  • Balancing Macros to Boost Energy
  • Managing Stress for Better Health

individual wellness coaching

More than ever, valuable talents are craving customized wellness coaching and guidance to improve the quality of their lives, both on and off the job. Topics like stress and time management, insomnia, diabetes prevention, or healthy eating habits for higher energy are all topics that most employees want to focus on. 

small-GROUP wellness COACHING

Wellness coaching can be made available to many employees for the price of a single adjustable standing desk, thanks to customized group coaching. Focused topics, such as managing stress, avoiding diabetes, improving sleep, or eating better for a healthier weight can contribute to the overall physical and emotional health of your workforce.

Improve the Health and Well-Being of Your Teams

If the CDC reports that productivity losses linked to employee absenteeism due to illness cost employers $1,685 annually per employee in the United States, isn’t it worth looking into? Solutions for your company are available right now!

Wellness education and coaching can lift morale, strengthen company loyalty, fill employees with a sense of purpose, and be another jewel in your recruitment packages.

Benefit 1

Improve your overall company culture by lifting morale and strengthening loyalty with a benefit they seek and will use.

Benefit 2

Retain valuable experience and talent in your company and boost engagement and productivity with unique stress & time management techniques.

Benefit 3

Decrease the time and money spent due to turnover and absenteeism by supporting team members who know your company well already.

Benefit 4

Help your employees establish the healthy habits and balanced lifestyle they need to succeed, while adjusting to the ever-changing COVID norms.

Meet Your Provider, Stella Loichot

Stella Loichot


With years of experience as a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Stella Loichot is passionate about designing customized, real-life plans that empower busy adults to achieve and maintain optimal health, so that they can fully enjoy an active and energized life, whether at work or at home. Born and raised in France, Stella now thrives in West Seattle. She is the best-selling author of SLEEP IT OFF, A Revolutionary Guide to Losing Weight, Beating Diabetes, and Feeling Your Best Through Optimal Rest. Certified in myriad modalities such as behavioral change and motivational interviewing, she specializes in Weight Management and Diabetes Prevention Coaching and has a special love of working with those affected by prediabetes, a condition relevant to more than 1 in 3 adults in the US. Her approach is professional, effective, and supportive.

Support your employees in establishing the healthy habits and unique balanced lifestyle they need to succeed at work, at home, and in life.

Work/Life Balance and employee well-being are mentioned all the time in missions statements and recruitment materials — but truly great companies back up that talk with action and go way beyond one-size-fits-all corporate wellness perks such as gym memberships or an on-site fitness room.

Stella is the type of person every organization wants on their team. She provides high quality coaching and goes above and beyond to ensure her clients feel cared for.


Affordable & flexible coaching programs and workshops designed with you, the leader, and your teams in mind. Allon-Z is French for “Let’s go!” Don’t wait! Make your next decision a smart business move: reach out to discover how you can give your employees what they want and save your company time and money.