Stress Management and Sleep


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Stress and sleep have a huge impact on cravings, appetite control, and blood sugar levels. Too often though, chronic stress and sleep deprivation are not even mentioned in wellness programs. There are some daily stresses we all share—and some that are unique to you. We can’t always prevent these events from happening, but we can control how we handle them. With the proper mindset and some holistic solutions, we can not only keep stress from having a negative impact on our health, but we can also optimize our sleep for better results and a faster metabolism.

Don't let stress ru(i)n your life!

While I’m not a psychologist, as your coach, I can help you identify the things that stress you out the most, and figure out suitable ways to deal with each situation. I view stressors like baseballs popping out of a machine in a batting cage. The batter knows what types of pitches could be coming, just not exactly when and in what order. But with enough practice and technique, he or she can hit each ball out of the park almost every time—this is a mindset solution instead of a medical one.


A Revolutionary Guide to Losing Weight, Beating Diabetes, and

Feeling Your Best Through Optimal rest


One of the secrets to stress reduction is to not react in the moment. When you have a stress management plan in place, you can deal with your stressors as soon as they appear on your radar and implement a desired solution before your emotions take over.

Find your balance again

Stress Management can benefit all aspects of your life. Often, your metabolism improves, so that you can burn off what you eat instead of packing on the pounds. By being more emotionally balanced, you will have less chances to turn to snacks or alcohol as a coping mechanism, especially at night when fatigue keeps you from making healthy choices. Your overall health will most likely improve once your immune system grows stronger and your blood pressure goes down, as does your blood sugar. Of course, your risks of anxiety and depression decrease when your stress levels go down.

Better sleep will be an important area of focus and another huge benefit, which will lead to higher intellectual, creative, and athletic performance, but also more self-esteem and self-love. Collectively, you will now have more positive energy to invest in your relationships, family, career, and personal pursuits -- all of which will result in a happier, more fulfilling, and longer life.

Head Shot Christine Suter

Stella's teaching is based on scientific research, educates and empowers. She talks to you in words and images and creates an atmosphere for a personal exchange.

I have since implemented her recommendations that make a difference to my quality of sleep. She helps you to protect what is very important in our overall health.

Christine S.

la conner, wa

Jill Avey, executive coach, on the beach

She is so personable and friendly that it was easy to stay engaged with what she was teaching.

I have actually done a lot of research on sleep and heard many new things from Stella that I didn't know already. She is well-informed and conveys the material in a way that is easy to understand.

Jillian A.


Marcia: one of Stella Loichot's happy clients, whose life was changed by the French Approach to wellness and fulfillment

What makes Stella stand out to me is her listening to the deeper issues covered under apparently superficial problems. She is not afraid to dive deeper, and help you to explore further into what is holding you back.

I always end up with an outcome much bigger and better than I had initially set up for myself.

marcia F.


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