The Gift of Better Health

Do you have a loved one whose health they are worried about? Maybe they got diagnosed with prediabetes, high blood pressure, or cholesterol. Maybe they feel weaker than before, have less energy, are feeling depressed about their body and their weight. Maybe they are struggling with food cravings or sugar addiction. Yet, they don’t know what to do about it and where to start. They feel overwhelmed and are worried that they will be judged if they reach out to a professional.

Give Them the Gift of Wellness!

Each Gift Certificate includes a comprehensive Initial Evaluation to help your loved-ones discover the exact steps they could take in order to change their lifestyle for better health. There is no one-size-fits-all in my approach. We tailor each plan of action to the client's needs, preferences, and goals.

The Initial Evaluation includes 2 one-hour coaching sessions. After that, the gift card recipient gets either 1 or 3 follow-up sessions, depending on the package you chose.

Note: The certificate doesn’t mention weight, dieting, or anything that might come across as judgmental. This gift could completely change their life!

Colleen C. said: "Stella opened my eyes to eating properly for my body- mornings are most important- even though i was eating Breakfast, i could so much better nutritionally. Thank you Stella- the journey begins with knowledge."
Mary F. said: "After we hung up from our first consultation, I told my husband: “I know what we have to work on now!” Stella, you have a very caring approach to such a difficult task. You also helped me understand that eating healthy foods that our body needs will eventually reduce our unhealthy cravings! These are the kinds of things we all need to understand so we don’t give up! I’m so thankful to have found you!"

Choose between "Starter Kit" and "Deluxe Pack".

Starter Kit

Includes:  Comprehensive Wellbeing Assessment + 7-day Lifestyle Analysis + 3 Coaching Sessions


Name of gift recipient
Private Coaching Starter Kit gift certificate


Deluxe Pack

Includes:  Comprehensive Wellbeing Assessment + 7-day Lifestyle Analysis + 5 Coaching Sessions

$499 (save $86)

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Private Coaching Deluxe Pack back of gift certificate


Thank you and happy holidays! Be well and stay safe!

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