This year, finally say “good-bye” to emotional eating, caving into cravings, and low energy!

Turn your New Year's Resolutions into Long-Lasting Habits.


Discover the tools and approach used by the French to feel great and gorgeous.

Finally stick to your wellness goals, so you can fully enjoy healthy without having to give up the foods you love!

Join me!

2022 Make Healthy Happen!

12-week program, starting Tuesday, January 11th, 2022

Led by Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Stella Loichot

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If you’ve had challenges sticking with a wellness plan, it’s not because you lack willpower or self-control.

Health Coach Stella Loichot in Paris

For the past 5 years, as a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach from France, I’ve been helping food lovers manage their weight naturally, lower their blood sugar, and improve their overall health for the long term. Guiding you toward a healthy lifestyle that doesn't feel like a chore is my passion!

Stella Loichot

Health Coach, NBC-HWC

Do you find it hard to stay motivated when trying to establish a healthier lifestyle?

You are not alone!

You Can Finally Create Lasting Change for Better Health

Staying committed past the first few weeks is tricky. It's easy to start super strong, and then life happens and we fall off the wagon.

With my proven step-by-step approach, plus personalized guidance and support, you can not only keep your new year's resolutions in 2022, but also gain momentum to reach wellness goals you would never have thought of!

Be Ready To:

  • Improve your health and manage your weight in a sustainable way;
  • Change the way you eat and your relationship to food;
  • Feel more energized and less stressed out;
  • Become more active physically without dreading it;
  • Feel better in your skin and be motivated to take care of yourself.

Join a small group of driven adults and establish healthy habits for the long run, with support and guidance from Stella Loichot, National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach, specializing in Healthy Weight Loss and Diabetes Prevention, with a strong emphasis on happiness and self-love.

No dieting, no restrictive meal plans, and no quick fixes.

When you join the 2022 Health Start for All Program, what you get is a supportive community and the tools you need to finally reach your goals, whether you want to feel stronger, control your weight, have more energy, or prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes or coronary heart diseases. Finally achieve your desired wellness goals by learning how to plan, problem solve, and establish accountability, while at the same time receiving group support and coach guidance every single time you need it.

We will meet virtually for 60 minutes, once a week, for 12 weeks

Just because we have to social-distance doesn't mean we can't work together towards our wellness goals! 

2022 Healthy Start for All is 100% online, so you can join from ANYWHERE in the world.

Every Tuesday at 6 pm (PST)

From 1/11/2022 until 4/4/2022


2022 healthy Start Testimonial Chris Kimmel

Here Is What You Get:


Value: $1520

Twelve weekly group sessions focused on the 5 pillars of wellness to establish a sustainable and healthier lifestyle in 2022.

  1. Self-acceptance: Develop a new mindset where self-blame, shame, and guilt don't have room; and neither do excuses;
  2. Nutrition: ditch the diet culture and "all-or-nothing" mentality to dive into a new way of eating and enjoying the foods you love;
  3. Physical Activity: Move more without committing to dreadful workouts you will give up after only a few weeks at best;
  4. Stress management: Cortisol keeps your body from metabolizing carbs properly. Find new ways to lower your stress while staying productive;
  5. Sleep: Discover the hidden powers of sleep and how you can optimize your snooze to speed up your metabolism and reach your goals.
  • BONUS: Sustain Your Progress Beyond 2022!

Meal Plan + Recipe Book. Value: $97

7-Day Fresh-Start Sample Meal Plan with accompanying recipe book and itemized grocery shopping list. 

Printable Tools. Value: $297

Step-by-Step Guide and Workbook weekly printable worksheets that will allow you to save time while staying focused on your goals.

Exclusive Tools and Strategies I use with my private clients. You can use them year-long for accountability, planning, and problem-solving.

12-week On-going Support. Value: $324 

Guidance every step of the way, from an experienced health coach, but also from other women who are in the same boat as you;

Private online community : extra challenges, tips, and motivation in a private Facebook group to help you succeed and overcome challenges along the way. This Facebook group is exclusively reserved for program participants and your engagement won't show up in your friends' feed!

Testimonials From Previous Programs Participants

  • "Stella is an excellent coach! She works with you step-by-step and makes sure you get it. I absolutely loved this program!" ~Aida
  • "Stella meets you where you are. She is encouraging when we fall short. If you've felt shame trying to diet or lose weight, Stella always encourages and helps us to be our best selves. It's a refreshing and realistic way to encorporate healthier lifestyle." ~Nancy
  • "Excellent, great information and guidance! I loved all the new ideas and encouragement, thank you, Stella!" ~Allison
  • "Thank you for how well prepared you were. Great information and handouts!" ~June
  • "Great way to engage and get clear about unhealthy habits with some lovely people. I loved the recipes and Stella's wonderful energy!" ~Kristen


You get it all for a fraction of the price!!!

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You are not in this alone!

Having a buddy to pursue your weight goals with is one of the most determining factor of your success. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find the person who can keep you motivated and accountable.

Don’t Look Further! Join Our Group!!!

You won’t have to struggle to find a partner who has similar wellness goals.

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Finally stick with your New Year's Resolution this year.

Planning ahead can go a long way towards preventing relapse. It's not just about being leaner or fitter. It's about thriving without feeling deprived. If you’re serious about improving your health, start planning today and do it with a friendly crowd of people, who, just like you, want to make 2022 truly different.

Guidance, encouragement, and accountability in a supportive and non-judgmental environment.

Invest in your health and happiness. Invest in YOURSELF.

Are Your Ready for Your New Healthy Life?


None of my services or recommendations are intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any illness or disease. The information I provide should not take the place of advice from your medical professional, licensed dietitian or nutritionist. You are solely responsible for your health care and activity choices. I cannot guarantee the outcome of my services or suggestions. My comments are expressions of my personal opinion only. 

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