3 Moves Every Workout Should Include

What if you were given the recipe for a perfect workout that you can do pretty much anywhere, anytime, and that will work all the most important parts of your body in the most efficient way?

In other words, what if you knew the secret to a safer and more effective workout?

Well, we - I am not alone on this one! - have exactly what you need.... Keep reading!

According to a survey of 2,000 adults, recently published in Inc.com, 65% of Americans have decided to exercise more as part of their 2020 New Year's Resolutions. I don't know how accurate that number is and that is actually not the point. What's for sure, is that a lot of us decide to move more at the beginning of every year, and very soon, unfortunately, two things happen.

- We injure ourselves and have to take a break. To make sure that doesn't happen, read my article "3 Mistakes To Avoid When Working Out". I interviewed 4 fitness professionals and they are all sharing their best tips.

- We get discouraged because we kill our butts off without experiencing the results that we were hoping for. Why? In a nutshell, because we keep working the muscles that are already strong. 

Secrets moves to change your body

Candice Rose, Owner and Personal Trainer at Rosefit in West Seattle, shares with us 3 moves that will make a huge difference in your strength, in your posture, and in your ability to progress. She helps us work our muscles in a very efficient and safe manner, by focusing on the 3 most critical parts of our body. 

In the 3 videos below, Candice demonstrates those moves and tells us more about the reasons why they are so important. I recommend watching the 3 videos, but start with what's possible today, right now. You can always do more later!

Best Abs Workout

Even though I trust Candice 120%, I was honestly a bit skeptical about this move. Until I tried it, and wow, yes, it works! I hope you will try it too!

Do You Want A Firmer Butt?

You will need a little more room for this one and might find it hard to do it at home. I suggest that you leave behind your self-consciousness and practice this move at the gym, in your yard, or in a hotel hallway.

Finally A Safe Back Workout

Those muscles between the shoulder blades are so hard to engage. That's one reason why we end up with such tense shoulders and lower-back pain. But Candice has a solution, and it's not even labor intensive!

You now have 3 moves to include in your workouts for better and safer results. If you want more, feel free to get in touch with Candice. She offers a FREE Introductory Consultation to help you "Transform your body so it works for what matters to you"

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And if you want to get in touch with Candice Rose, Owner of and Personal Trainer at Rosefit in West Seattle, click below! You wont' regret it!

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Candice Rose, Rosefit, Personal Trainer


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