How Sleep Affects the Way We Age… and vice-versa (podcast)

Recently, I had the honor to be a guest on Dr. Joseph Casciani's podcast, for the Living to 100 Club. Joseph Casciani, Ph.D has a 30-year history in long term care as a psychologist and manager of mental health practices and he wanted to know more about my book SLEEP IT OFF, a Revolutionary Guide to Losing Weight, Beating Diabetes, and Feeling Your Best through Optimal Rest.

Together, we discussed the effect that sleep has on our longevity, and how sleep disturbances contribute to many chronic diseases, cognitive functioning, and depression. In addition, we discussed how the aging process and other common lifestyle habits impact our ability to have uninterrupted, restorative sleep. It was an exciting and fact-filled episode. Thanks to Dr. Casciani's targeted questions, I was able to share lots of real-life strategies and unheard-of tips to sleep better and slow down the aging process we all have to go through.

Listen to this episode and discover many more on the Living To 100 Club website. You can also listen on your favorite podcast platforms



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