How to Kick Sugar Cravings (podcast)

I recently had the honor to be a guest on Brittny King's POSITIVELY REAL PODCAST. Brittny King is part lifestyle coach, part self-love advocate, and entirely, positively REAL. She guides women in their journeys toward their happiest, healthiest selves, and it works because she’s been through the journey herself! She helps women look inside, discover and accept who they are at their core, and achieve the life they want. You can check her out and look into her services here.

Together, we explored:

  • What emotional eating is and why we do it;
  • Why not getting enough sleep will exacerbate our cravings; 
  • How to improve quality of sleep;
  • The number one sleep killer (!)
  • How to get rid of the ‘all or nothing’ mentality when it comes to eating healthy.

It was an exciting and fact-filled episode. Thanks to Brittny's targeted questions, I was able to share lots of real-life strategies and unheard-of tips to sleep better and drastically reduce sugar cravings, emotional eating, and sugar addiction. 

Listen to this episode and discover many more on the POSITIVELY REAL PODCAST website. You can also listen on your favorite podcast platforms


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