Water: Yes. Bathroom Runs: No!

If you are the slightest bit interested in wellness, you already know that hydration is a big part of maintaining a healthy body. Unfortunately, for many adults, drinking water doesn't come naturally, and as we move into our 40s, 50s, 60s and over, the numerous trips to the bathroom can become an obstacle.

Hydration trick

Have you heard of gastric emptying? Let me tell you about it...

Our stomach doesn't like to be full. I am talking about the organ here, not the general belly area. When you drink plenty of liquid a once, your stomach will want to empty itself as soon as possible, to go back to a level of fullness that is more comfortable.

If you are drinking a smoothie just before an intense workout, that is great news! You will be able to gobble up a full meal in liquid form and get it out of your system before you start exercising. That is very convenient before a race, a game, or a sports competition of any sort!

But when you are trying to stay hydrated at work and can't take breaks easily, or if you are hitting the road or flying for long hours, it is not as convenient.

The solution to that bladder problem is quite easy.

Instead of drinking a large quantity of water at once, which will definitely fill up a good part of your stomach, you want to sip your water over a longer period of time. When you add one sip of liquid at a time into your stomach, your body will have time to process the water little by little, without your having to run to the bathroom as often.

Having a water bottle by your side all the time can help you stay hydrated without having to empty your bladder all the time, as long as you sip constantly rather than drinking your water all at once.

Extra tips to drink more water

There is a lot we can do to make sure our body stays hydrated all day long, no matter what we do or where we go.  Recently, I recorded a short video for members of the weight loss program I am running right now. I think that you too could enjoy it and benefit from the tips I am sharing within the private group. You can watch the video below if you don't mind the fact that it's pretty casual and has not been edited!

If you are committed to improving your health and wellness but don't know where to start, you can apply for a Discovery Call with me. Just click the button below and tell me a little more about your struggles and your goals. If I feel that I might be able to help you, I will offer you a FREE Discovery Consultation.


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