Are Food Cravings and

Eating Habits Ruining

Your Wellness Plan?

Are you tired of the guilt and frustration of dieting?

Would you like to stop stress eating and caving into unhealthy eating behaviors?


Weight Management, Food Addiction, and Diabetes Prevention Coaching with Stella Loichot

For health-conscious food lovers who are tired of struggling with weight issues and dieting

and are ready to achieve optimal weight, health, and vitality

while enjoying guilt-free eating

You don’t need more will-power or painful daily routines to achieve wellness

"Food lovers deserve wellness without sacrifice!"

National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Stella Loichot, has created a real-life-proof system that utilizes your body’s natural strengths and wiring to help you achieve optimal weight and health, so you won’t fail again.

“My methodology combines nutrition science and physiology together with the French mindset towards food and lifestyle – because I’m French of course!                       
 It’s important to always include the foods we love in our life.  And with my proven approach, your body will help you naturally kick unhealthy food cravings.”
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2023: Professional Food Addiction Coach - PFAC - NBHWC approved course

2022: Mental Health First Aid - National Council for Mental Wellbeing

2020: National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach - NBC-HWC 

2019: Behavioral Change Coaching - American Council on Exercise (ACE)

2018: Diabetes Prevention Coaching - ACE

2018: Youth Mental Health First Aid - NCMW

2017: Weight Management Specialist - ACE

2017: Life Coach - ACC - International Coach Federation (ICF)

2016: Certified Health Coach - ACE - License #722085

2015: Sports Nutrition and Performance - Washington State University

When you work with Stella, you can:

  • Enjoy food again without always worrying about weight gain;
  • Have an easy meal-planning system that satisfies and promotes your body’s natural ability to regulate its weight and health;
  • Discover how to access your body’s natural strengths to achieve wellness through nutrition, but also through enjoyable exercise, restorative sleep, stress management, and self-care;
  • Replace starvation and disappointment with daily ease and enjoyment of foods and activities you love.
  • Feel empowered, energized, and “ready to go!” ... The way you used to.

Work with Stella to get a wellness plan that finally works for you!


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Text message written by client

Meet the Food-Lover's Wellness Coach

I love helping health-conscious food-lovers successfully achieve their optimal weight and sustain a healthy body. And many of those I have the pleasure of working with are astounded by how their relationship with food becomes balanced and harmonious.

But I gained this expertise the hard way.


For many years, I was in a constant battle with myself, trying to break out of the yoyo dieting and emotional eating. Grief had sent me into depression and binge-eating - especially sweets - I could not say “no” to pastries!  I gained 50 lbs within 6 months!  To try to fix that, I was starving myself all day but then caved into binge eating at night, sneaking food, obsessed about the next meal, and feeling ashamed of myself. 

I had gone from happy and social to isolated and withdrawn - feeling completely hopeless. Then late one night, as I sat staring at an empty bag of croissants, and empty jar of Nutella, I said “enough!” I knew I had to stop this pattern.

And what I did and how long it took me will surprise you… CLICK HERE to read my story.

the french approach

You can be healthy - differently

Fad diets come and go, portraying food as the enemy – it’s always you versus carbs, fats, or sugars. You deprive yourself, you blast your abs at the gym, you lose weight or improve your blood sugar for a while...

And then, your body retaliates: the lost pounds return, your glucose sky rockets, along with your stress, your cravings, and binging episodes. At the same time, self-esteem plummets and you beat yourself up.

After a certain age, calorie restriction doesn't even work anymore and no matter what you do, you just don't feel like yourself anymore! That treadmill keeps diet gurus in business, but wouldn’t you prefer a solution that feels good every single day, with results that last a lifetime?

It is time to rewire your relationship with food, so that you can kick your cravings, regain your energy, and sustain a healthy body that allows you to fully enjoy life without giving up the foods you love. Live as the French do: Joie de vivre – enjoyment of food, fun and life!

a life-changing relationship


When I started coaching with Stella, I just wanted to lose weight. But I got so much more out of it!

Very soon, I started to feel much better, to have more energy, to have less back pain, to take less medicine, to have much fewer headaches and be less stressed out and irritated.

Aida L.

seattle, WA

Stella is warm and her positive energy radiates. She is able to unlock your full potential so that you can be at your best. She has a gentle kindness in doing so.

Reaching the top with her seems like a walk in the park while you are actually climbing mountains.

Anne W.

Brittany, france

When I stopped working with Stella, I had the tools necessary to be self-sufficient in my eating choices. I still often find myself referring to the structures she helped me develop. She had a long-lasting impact on my relationship with food and I have the ability to evolve on my own.

Tara C.

madison, wi

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“Tired of feeling gross, sluggish, and addicted to foods?

 If you are ready to achieve optimal weight, health, and vitality, reach out! 

I’m here for you.  We can do this!”

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None of my services or recommendations are intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any illness or disease. The information I provide should not take the place of advice from your medical professional, licensed dietitian or nutritionist. You are solely responsible for your health care and activity choices. I cannot guarantee the outcome of my services or suggestions. My comments are expressions of my personal opinion only.